Repair & Overhaul

Repair and Overhaul

Matecs regularly carries out repairs and overhaul for various customers. This may involve the repair or replacement of defective or worn parts, or indeed a total overhaul or ‘rework’. At our engineering works, the parts/products are restored in the original dimensions, in accordance with the drawings, applying various techniques and machining processes. We are able to spray and weld layers of varying thicknesses on to different qualities steels and higher alloy materials, for example.

Matecs has a standard procedure for repairs and overhaul. During disassembly all findings are noted and recorded in a damage report, on the basis of which a repair proposal is drawn up. The work is subsequently carried out to repair the damage and/or replace components. Final testing may be conducted by an independent certifying body if required.
Matecs offers its customers the option of temporary storage. The revised/repaired products or components are then available to our customers on demand, enabling immediate use in the event of a malfunction, thus minimizing the downtime.

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