Matecs supplies rubber dredge valves, shore valves, regulating valves and discharge valves. Such as our extra wear-resistant valves for the controlled transport of dredged materials in the dredging industry or raw materials in the mining industry. All Matecs valves are developed and manufactured entirely in house. Our standard product range can be adapted for use with different pressures or to incorporate various other options and features. We can also supply bespoke valves, made entirely to customer specifications.
 We produce rubber ring dredge valves in varying diameters. These are suitable for the various pressures that can occur during the suction and discharge processes. We supply this type of valve with specially developed, extremely wear-resistant sealing rings. These sealing rings also fit valves from other suppliers, are very keenly priced and are available with short delivery times.

Regulating valves

We have designed the Matecs regulating valves to regulate the quantity of the material being pumped, or to change the direction it is pumped in. The Matecs regulating valves have a wear-resistant slide and wear-resistant liners to protect them against extreme wear. Optionally, we can supply special liners to protect the body of the valve to increase its wear resistance, directly resulting in less downtime.


Leaflet shorevalves

Leaflet dredge valves

Leaflet regulating valves

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