For use in the dredging and shipbuilding industries

Matecs supplies nozzles for use in the dredging and shipbuilding industries. Nozzles are prone to wear due to the speed and force at which they transport water to the hopper, for example, or to squirt the sediment from the drag heads on dredgers. Together with its specialized partner in the field of polyurethane applications, Matecs has developed various nozzles. These nozzles are extremely wear-resistant and consequently need replacing less frequently. Besides which, they are lighter and quick and easy to fit; they can even be fitted manually.

Matecs has further developed the nozzles on the basis of customer experiences. Examples include our nozzles with shut-off flaps to prevent the rinsed material from flowing back into the pipes. These can be replaced separately which reduces both costs and material wastage. In addition, we supply so-called nozzle inserts.
Special polyurethane inserts almost completely prevent the (metal) casing from wearing and, consequently, only part of the nozzle needs to be replaced.

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