Matecs manufactures various products and components of both high and low alloy cast iron or cast steel. At our engineering works, these products are manufactured with the utmost precision by highly skilled professionals using sophisticated metal working machines.
The technical components we produce are used in the dredging industry, the sand and gravel extractionindustry, mining and mechanical engineering industries. In these industries in particular, our products must meet very strict requirements and quality standards. In many cases they will be under continuous strain and consequently particularly prone to wear and tear. The degree of wear will depend on several factors such as transit speed, load, sensitivity to impact and the material being processed.

To optimize a production process and to reduce downtime, these parts must fit well, be wear resistant and must also be easy to replace. And that is precisely where Matecs excels. The choice of casting material is usually based on the specific application and the functional requirements. For a single-walled pump casing for example, the properties of the material chosen will include both wear resistance and elasticity. For a different component, which is not exposed to direct mechanical or hydraulic load, the emphasis could be on hardness and wear resistance.

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