Matecs creates opportunities.


For the machining of middle-sized and large, complex parts, Matecs has some 5000 square meters of shop floor at it’s disposal, various overhead cranes (up to 50 tonnes lifting capacity) and a large number of (CNC) machining units.

Beside the fact that we have a large machining capacity, this enables us to supply our customers with different specific tailor-made solutions. For example the assembly of large installations.


Beside our standard inspection and measurement reports, we can at your request arrange additional inspection by several certified bodies such as Bureau Veritas, DNV, ABS, and Lloyd’s Register.

Our management system is ISO 9001 certified and we have a ISO 3834-2 certificate for our welding activities.


Our vision

Because we have the space and capacity to perform many different operations and/or activities for our customers and because we have the knowledge and experience in this area, we think we can distinguish ourselves from others in this. Hence our aim to be the most complete total supplier for our customers.

A safe, pleasant and responsible organization contributes to the well-being of our employees and produces better results. Where we can, we contribute to the environment. Hence our mission:

Matecs wants to be a flexible organization that continuously invests in people and resources within a socially responsible company. Our core values are to be a social employer with an organization focused on continuity.


Matecs is Certified

The Matecs management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2012, and ensures that we continue to strive for optimization of our processes and to look critically at our own performance. In 2017, we were tested by another certifying body (TÜV Nederland) according to the new standard (2015).

In addition, our welding processes enable us to comply with the ISO 3834-2 standard, which is often a requirement for our clients from the offshore and petrochemical industry. Both systems were approved without any findings.

Service & Repair