Construction and welding jobs

Matecs is a trusted partner when construction and welding jobs need to be done.

We have 8 clamping tables for welding and certified staff (including 2 “6G”-welders). Furthermore we are ISO 3834-2 certified.


The equipment of the welding department consists of:

• Fronius 5000 with timerfunction (2x)
• Fronius 4000 (2x)
• Preheating unit
• Smaller material for SMA and TIG welding
• Tilting welding positioner (5000 kg)
• Flat welding positioner (> 5000 kg)
• Press
• Various sawing, cutting and grinding machines
• Clamping floors (8x) for larger pieces
• Max size approx. 20000 X 6000 mm



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Sales Engineer

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