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    Matecs is a solid, but also dynamic company, which has specialized in the field of various processes for many years now, processes such as metalworking, welding and the development and design of (spare) parts for the dredging and maritime industry. The processes of the mining industry, cranebuilding and petro-chemical industry are also within our knowledge.

    Matecs is a merge of two companies:

    Timro, established in 1972, was originally a family business, focusing on designing, improving and supplying (spare) parts for the dredging industry all over the world. This resulted in over 40 years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of quality products and services. Both existing and new production and processing techniques are continuously improving, always in good cooperation with clients and suppliers.

    Machinefabriek Roosendaal was founded in 1964 and supplied machining services to the regional market. It specialized in products for the paper processing industry for a long time. In 2003 the Timro Group took over the machine shop in Roosendaal and on September 23rd of 2005, Timro Technical Components and Services from Stellendam moved in with their sister company Machinefabriek Roosendaal at the premises in Roosendaal.

    In 2007 the two companies were completely merged into Matecs. Apart from our skilled staff, Matecs also has its expertise in heavy machinery at its disposal to execute machining jobs varying from conventional to CNC, from very small and precise to huge and heavy.