pipe rollers

Pipe rollers

When cables and pipes need to be transported or guided under heavy conditions, the use of pipe rollers can offer a suitable solution. This has already been proven on board of pipe and cable laying ships.

Matecs B.V. from Roosendaal has succeeded to manufacture a complete, light weight roller, coated with polyurethane.

The pipe rollers are fully produced in the Netherlands, with the use of certified material, on our own account.

After the constructional work (welding under ISO 3834-2 certification), the pipe rollers are machined. Then the inner construction is mounted and the rollers are coated. The polyurethane coating is applied by Herikon B.V. from Almelo. Herikon is Matecs’ solid partner in the case of metal and polyurethane applications. Upon the return of the products, they are preserved and finally the bearings and possible shafts are mounted in Roosendaal.

All this defines our pipe rollers as a solid, typically Dutch product.

The knowledge and experience in combining metal and polyurethane, that Matecs and Herikon acquired together over the past decades, defines the team as experts in this specific field. Their co-operation has resulted in a number of innovative and wear resistant products for the maritime and mining industry, and especially the dredging industry.

This expertise can also be seen in the fully-assembled pipe rollers: they are relatively light, but still strong and have a working life.

Matecs’ strength is in the control of the complete project, but also in the delivery of custom-made solutions. By offering tailor-made advice and engineering and production, Matecs always has a solution for any problem you may have.





Cor Jan de Jong

Senior Sales Engineer

Ronald Slingerland

Sales Engineer

Subject: Pipe Rollers