Matecs creates possibilities.

Matecs 50 years experience

Matecs is a solid, but also dynamic company, which has specialized in the field of various processes for many years now, processes such as metalworking, welding and the development and design of (spare) parts for the dredging and maritime industry. The processes of the mining industry, cranebuilding and petro-chemical industry are also within our knowledge.


Maritime and Dredging industry

Supplying for the maritime and dredging industry is one of Matecs’ specializations. If you look at our history, you will find that Timro has always been an important supplier for many Dutch and foreign dredging companies. Now the name Matecs accomodates over forty years of experience working with products for the maritime and dredging industry. We supply not only metal products and parts for these companies, but we also advise them in the field of wear and tear, and supply services such as repair and overhaul.

Besides this, Matecs develops various products of rubber and/or polyurethane in close cooperation with a steady partner. Products made from a combination of these materials are often a good solution. They are famous for being of an innovative nature and being extremely wear-resistant. Examples include sealing rings and nozzles. Every single products guarantees a long lifespan, less maintenance and minimal downtime.


Matecs is a solid and reliable partner for complete metal solutions.

Our workshop has 5.000 m2 of working space and 50 ton crane capacity. Various large and smaller (CNC) machining centers are installed to realize practically all machining jobs. We can do jobs requiring welding, cutting, drilling, CNC milling, CNC boring and (CNC) turning. When our own capacity is unsufficient, we can still be of service. Our staff is skilled and professional whether production in series or single items is concerned. Jobs are done up to 1/100 mm precise and quality checks and measurement reports are done.